Oooh, shiny...!

Hi, thanks for stopping by.  Welcome to the internet home of Matthew and Julie. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1998, we decided this would be the ideal place to set up our internet home, and it’s been a happy home for us ever since!

We used to provide awesome-sounding services like email and web hosting and on-site support and service for stuff, but now we’re just too busy with other things.

The logo on the right was created by a friend of ours when we first acquired this domain, and though we’re no longer a go-getter consulting company, the logo is just something we love.  Just look at that adorable little Macintosh doing his cute little jig!

This website itself may look a little sparse, leading people to believe the domain is unused.  We assure you that it is in fact well-used and well-loved, even if the activity is not visible to the public.  That is to say, this domain is not and never will be for sale, but we wish you the best in finding your internet home and we hope the one you find is as beloved as the one we have now.

Look! It’s a bird in a shelf!